Unit Information Security Officers (UISOs)

Unit  UISO
College of Applied Health Sciences  Mike Kirda
College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts  Sarah Ritch
College of Business Administration  Ashok Bennett
College of Dentistry  Vinay Surpuriya
College of Education  Ernesto Reyna
College of Engineering  Ron Fernandez
Graduate College  Shannon Reden
Honors College  Julio Chavarria
Jane Addams College of Social Work  Therese Molina
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  Henrik Aratyn
         Biological Sciences  Glenda Genio
         Chemistry  Donald Rippon
         Physics  Anatoly Evdokimov
         Psychology  Jhin Choh
College of Medicine, Office of the Dean  Douglas McCarthy
Andre Pavkovic
        Medicine  Roberto Rios
        Psychiatry  Scott Masur
Carla Ross
College of Medicine at Peoria  Trisha Thurman
College of Medicine at Rockford  Carol Schuster
Christopher Berndt
College of Medicine at Urbana-Champaign  Tod Jebe
Todd Patrick
College of Nursing  Bala Ramaraju
College of Pharmacy  Barry White
College of Pharmacy at Rockford  Jon Kopera
School of Public Health  Frank Cervone
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs  Marcin Hiolski
Vice Provost for Academic and Enrollment Services  Kevin Shalla
Academic Computing and Communications Center  Edward Zawacki
Vice Provost for Planning and Programs  Edward Zawacki
University Library  Robert Sandusky
Medicaid Support Services  Rusty Loftus
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services  Sandeep Dath
Vice Chancellor for Development  Pat Wongchinsri
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources  Ken Scott
Vice Chancellor for Research  Miguel Martin
Associate Chancellor and Vice Provost for Resource Planning
and Management
 Edward Zawacki
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  Jason Maslanka

Last Update: 4/7/15