Week 3: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Social media makes it easy to share information with anyone in the world. As useful and fun as this can be, this ease of sharing can also be dangerous.

Cyber criminals are very good at finding our “personal” information using the internet. For instance, you might have a challenge response question for your bank account that asks what your favorite sports team is, and it might take a hacker a few minutes to go through your publicly available social media content to find out that your favorite team is the Chicago Bears.

Cyber criminals aren’t the only concern. These days, it’s quite common for people to “google” each other. This is where friend-of-friend social media permissions may expose more of your information to strangers than you’d like. Or perhaps a recruiter for a job you are applying for finds some embarrassing photos or not very well thought out comments you’ve shared or been tagged in.

Protect yourself.
The internet is an information warehouse and it lives forever, so stop and think before commenting or sharing information. Ask yourself how this represents you and if you’re sharing information that can be used to target yourself.

security month poster