Week 2: Copycat

ACCC receives notification from copyright holders when they detect that someone on campus is illegally downloading or sharing their material.

Since 2006, ACCC received 5,029 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) notices with 1,076 of those notices arriving in the last academic year! In addition, we received a large number of settlement letters from copyright holders seeking monetary damages for the theft of their intellectual property last year. Settlement letters typically range in fines from $200 to $600 per title and cover movies, television shows, music and textbooks.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that all universities make efforts to deter online piracy. At UIC, we do this by imposing a 6 GB daily data usage limit. We also have procedures in place to escalate cases of copyright infringement abuse. For instance, a user’s UIC Wireless/Res-Net account is immediately suspended. A complaint is also filed with the Dean of Students Office for cases involving students. For faculty/staff repeat offenders, the incident is reported to the Dean of their department, the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, and University (Legal) Counsel.

Protect yourself.
To prevent loss of network privileges, protect yourself by uninstalling any file-sharing programs and delete any infringing content you may have on your devices. There are many legal sources for digital content today. Educause provides a list of legal sources for online content. Many of these sites are free.

security month poster