Week 1: Online Safety

Cyber Security Threats Lie Everywhere.

Do you really know who you’re talking to?

Week 1: Online Safety

The internet has been rapidly evolving and we are more connected than ever. With the increasing number of devices we connect to the internet, the expanse of social networking, and the growing size of our online data, it’s more important than ever to exercise online safety.

For many of us, our data is out there! Our interests, thoughts and comments, places we visit, and photos of special moments. Ever wonder if sometimes we’re sharing too much information? Sharing too much information can allow someone to recover your password with a challenge/response password recovery option, steal your identity, or even break into your home when you are on vacation.

Caution should also be exercised when connecting a device with sensitive or high-risk data data online. Are you connecting to a secured network connection? Is your device patched and running antivirus software? If you’re not connecting to a secure network or if your device is not patched and running antivirus software with current definitions, you risk having your device be compromised and data exposed.

Start thinking about your online safety. Challenge the security of sites you are sharing or storing your data with. Be cautious about the networks you access and what you do while connected to an untrusted network.

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